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first post

Jordan says I need a hobby.  So this is it (for now), and it’s gonna be largely about him.

Over the years, I’ve watched him become a truly talented cook.  In the beginning, he worked his magic in a dark and dingy apartment shared with two roommates.  Then there was our first shared apartment, a small step up, with an tiny old school 1970’s (yellow) kitchen.  Now, he has a spacious, light-filled, and newly updated space, situated on a lake in the woods.  We’ve come a long way.

I’m predicting that this new setting will inspire more elaborate meals (it already has) and more dinner parties  (it already has).    I’m also predicting that it will inspire me to better document everything – something I have been doing very inadequately thus far.

one of my favorite Jordan-made desserts of all time - "frustingolo" (chocolate fig cake)

the lake. *sigh*