weekend in the kitchen

Now that we live upstate, Jordan usually tackles a few big recipes on the weekend and makes food to last us through the week.   This makes prep time very minimal when we walk through the door starving at 7:30 pm.  In our old apartment, we’d get home much earlier and I’d pace around the house like a crazy person begging for a bite of something (salami?? olives??) while J spent what felt like hours in the kitchen preparing a nice dinner for us (in reality it was probably closer to 30 minutes, but I become slightly irrational when hungry).  Now, he can actually take on some really time-consuming recipes and even spend much of the day in the kitchen without harassment while I do something sensible like laundry.

Here are the highlights from last weekend:

{sweet potato fries}

recipe from www.food52.com

{poached eggs, sausage, tomato}

recipe from www.food52.com

{butternut squash and apple risotto with toasted walnuts}

recipe from book “Hudson Valley Mediterranean”

{bacon wrapped pork loin stuffed with fruit compote}

recipe from Bon Appetit magazine

Despite this fall-inspired menu, it looks like the season is wrapping up around here (at least the foliage part).  Although the weather has been picture perfect since that crazy snow storm, the bright yellow trees I have grown used to gazing at from our dining room window are now sparse and will soon be no more.  We took a hike yesterday to get our last dose of color.

{hudson highlands state park}

{naked trees}

I should add that we cut our hike short due to hunger, and stopped by our favorite bbq joint for pulled chicken, brisket and beans.


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2 responses to “weekend in the kitchen”

  1. helaina says :

    This pulled pork loin looks insane. Yum!

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