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a productive sunday

Today: lots of planning for next weekend, and a little bit of eating.


{favorite cookbook}

{chocolate peppermint bark}


{linguine with anchovies, pine nuts, currants}



the week in food

J does a big cook every Sunday to feed us for the week.  Usually, the conversation goes something like this:
J: What should I make for the week?
A: Roast a chicken!
J: But I just did that last week.
A: It’s delicious, and it lasts several nights.  And I can eat it forever and never get sick of it.
Unlike me, however, he does not enjoy eating (or cooking) the same thing again and again.  Recently, however, he found a recipe in Bon Appetit for a roasted tandoori chicken. The perfect solution.

{roasted chicken}

{tandoori chicken and broccoli}

Food shopping up here has been a bit of a struggle.  Part of the reason, I think, is that we haven’t had the time to really research.  Back in Brooklyn, Jordan belonged to a food coop and this is what he still mourns.  Local produce, cheap.  Up here we have large chain supermarkets and the selection is not impressive.  Ironic, since we are surrounded by the very farms which stocked the food coop in Brooklyn!  But the local farm markets that we have been to up here are often small and not great.  I researched farm shares, but the pick-up times did not work with our commuting schedule.  Finally, FINALLY, we found a local farm that sells meat and produce 7 days a week.  Excellent.  And with sausage from said farm, J whipped up a stew (recipe from


{sausage and lentil stew}

Christmas is around the corner, which means some long weekends and lots of cooking.  Woo hoo!


There are many days on which I catch a glimpse of amazing morning sky while eating my breakfast and feel compelled to run outside and take photos.  Sadly, every minute of my morning is usually reserved for getting ready.  I almost always feel rushed.  This has become especially true with below freezing morning temperatures (defrosting the car and pouring warm water on the windshield to de-ice it have been added to my list of to-do’s).  Today, however, I was running early.

{water clouds}

thanksgiving, and since

So, my intention to photograph tons of home cooked food during Thanksgiving week was an epic fail.  On the Wednesday night before the holiday, J cooked (almost single-handedly, and after battling a 2 day stint of food poisoning while vacationing in wine country) an Italian dinner for 30 people.  This included a red sauce, sausage and peppers dish from Frankie’s, a pesto and orecchiette dish, and the best tasting tiramisu (also from Frankie’s) ever.  I’m not really sure how I managed to get virtually none of this on camera.  I think that once the guests arrived and wine was in my hand I just totally got distracted.  Also, there were some very cute kids present, and the rest of the night as well as the next day was focused on them.  The result: no food pictures, only cute kid pictures.  However, Lenny made Italian rainbow cookies – my favorite – from scratch earlier that day.  The recipe was from Bon Appetit.  They came out beautifully, and this is the only picture I took of that entire meal.

{rainbow cookies}

And now, back in NY and back in the swing of things.  Last night J made a (very!) spicy flank steak with scallions and rice.  It is one of his favorite standbys, which he adapted from Mark Bittman’s fried rice recipe (which J makes regularly too).   There is almost nothing better than this, a glass of red wine, and watching Hulu on a sleepy Saturday night.

{spicey koren flank steak over rice}

We had a friend over for brunch on Sunday, and Thomas Keller’s recipe for a soft boiled egg, beet and potato salad was on the menu.  J roasted the beets and boiled the potatoes the night before.  The next morning he soft boiled some eggs and topped it with a mustard vinaigrette.  Oh, the colors!

{roasting beets and potatoes}

{beet hands}

{soft boiled egg, beet and potato salad}

{up close}

I wish I didn’t know how many sticks of butter were used in this coffee cake.  Yet I ate it anyway.

{coffee cake}


Some of the most fun I’ve had with my new camera was yesterday, driving through Bear Mountain State Park to meet friends for a hike with the camera out the window on a really quick shutter speed.  Lots of photos were blurry, of course, but I love these.

{driving through bear mountain state park}

I’m glad we got out yesterday, because today I only left the house to take a 5 minute walk down to the dock.  Is that bad?  In my defense, one of my reasons for living up here is to do more nothing.