thanksgiving, and since

So, my intention to photograph tons of home cooked food during Thanksgiving week was an epic fail.  On the Wednesday night before the holiday, J cooked (almost single-handedly, and after battling a 2 day stint of food poisoning while vacationing in wine country) an Italian dinner for 30 people.  This included a red sauce, sausage and peppers dish from Frankie’s, a pesto and orecchiette dish, and the best tasting tiramisu (also from Frankie’s) ever.  I’m not really sure how I managed to get virtually none of this on camera.  I think that once the guests arrived and wine was in my hand I just totally got distracted.  Also, there were some very cute kids present, and the rest of the night as well as the next day was focused on them.  The result: no food pictures, only cute kid pictures.  However, Lenny made Italian rainbow cookies – my favorite – from scratch earlier that day.  The recipe was from Bon Appetit.  They came out beautifully, and this is the only picture I took of that entire meal.

{rainbow cookies}

And now, back in NY and back in the swing of things.  Last night J made a (very!) spicy flank steak with scallions and rice.  It is one of his favorite standbys, which he adapted from Mark Bittman’s fried rice recipe (which J makes regularly too).   There is almost nothing better than this, a glass of red wine, and watching Hulu on a sleepy Saturday night.

{spicey koren flank steak over rice}

We had a friend over for brunch on Sunday, and Thomas Keller’s recipe for a soft boiled egg, beet and potato salad was on the menu.  J roasted the beets and boiled the potatoes the night before.  The next morning he soft boiled some eggs and topped it with a mustard vinaigrette.  Oh, the colors!

{roasting beets and potatoes}

{beet hands}

{soft boiled egg, beet and potato salad}

{up close}

I wish I didn’t know how many sticks of butter were used in this coffee cake.  Yet I ate it anyway.

{coffee cake}


Some of the most fun I’ve had with my new camera was yesterday, driving through Bear Mountain State Park to meet friends for a hike with the camera out the window on a really quick shutter speed.  Lots of photos were blurry, of course, but I love these.

{driving through bear mountain state park}

I’m glad we got out yesterday, because today I only left the house to take a 5 minute walk down to the dock.  Is that bad?  In my defense, one of my reasons for living up here is to do more nothing.


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