We’ve had our first holiday season up here (and as a married couple).  Christmas trees now lay on curbs, the car has been equipped with snow tires, and it looks like temperatures will start to drop this week.  Although we did get a freak snow storm in October, it has since been unseasonably mild and we are holding our breaths waiting to see what winter, at its most brutal, will look like in Lake Peekskill.  I think that as long as we resign ourselves to use the occasional sick/vacation day when the roads get dicey (we both get plenty but rarely use them), it might actually be easier (i.e. prettier and cozier) up here.  Jordan’s prediction is that this will be a mild winter, and that we’ve already experienced the worst.  He’s such an optimist.  I keep telling him that December is always the mildest month of the winter.  We kid ourselves into associating Christmas and New Year’s with snow, but January is when the season hits full force.  Once the next snow falls, we won’t see the ground for many months to come.  I wonder if we will still go hiking/walking every weekend, and whether people will want to keep visiting us.  I wonder if either of our cars can handle snowy roads (hope so!), and how long it will take to shovel them out and defrost them in the morning before work.  And I wonder how we will bear the morning commute into the city, knowing that if we stayed home we’d be in front of a raging fire and looking out onto the frozen lake in our backyard.  The real test of whether we are cut out for life up here, or whether we should pack our bags and join J’s family in sunny California, begins now.

In the meantime, we had some Christmas weekend guests, who were treated to J’s sausage and peppers and his lamb tagine.

{sausage and peppers}


{lamb tagine}

For New Year’s weekend we visited our friends in Amagansett, where we walked through sand dunes and cooked a seafood feast.



{crab claw}

{stuffed clams}

{lobster and sweet potato fries}

{seafood feast}

Tomorrow we head back to regular work weeks (well, it’s only a 4 day week, but still…).  These last 2 long weekends in a row have spoiled us rotten.


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One response to “holidays”

  1. Mom says :

    Despite the incomparable beauty of Lake Peekskill, My vote is to pack it up and go to California to be with J’s family.

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