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chocolate and spice… and everything nice

Jordan is sitting next to me, sulking over a failed attempt at an extremely complicated chicken soup recipe from Thomas Keller’s book.  The chicken that he roasted for said recipe was kick-ass, as usual (we got to nibble on some of it for lunch). His dumplings, however, had a crumbly consistency, and fell apart.  He’s now researching other dumpling recipes in an effort to salvage the soup.  Stop being so hard on yourself, honey!

Anyhoo, we had quite the culinary weekend despite this snafu (but try telling that to Mr. Sulkypants).

{fried rice, spanish style}


{lemon cauliflower}

{cooling cookies}

{lunch spread}

{two bite buckeyes}

The highlight was most definitely the Two Bite Buckeye cookies from Food52 (http://www.food52.com/recipes/13509_twobite_buckeye_cookies), which were a runner up in their chocolate and spice recipe contest.  Now I haven’t tasted the winning recipe, true, but I absolutely cannot believe that these didn’t take first prize.  Imagine Mexican hot chocolate in cookie form, with… ready?… a peanut butter ganache.  To die for.  He made a batch of these babies on Saturday, and they quickly disappeared.  We even used them in lieu of tips for our massages (which were given to us by students at the Finger Lakes School of Massage).  Speaking of which, I can’t believe we didn’t know about this deal sooner.  90 minutes in heaven costs only $35, and since the masseurs are students, tipping is a no-no.  Cookies as currency is not a bad idea – they seemed quite pleased about it in fact.

When Jordan woke up on Sunday, the first order of business was making another batch.  We’re each planning on bringing some to work this week, although the hoarder in me thinks that they are too good for sharing.


the week in food

J does a big cook every Sunday to feed us for the week.  Usually, the conversation goes something like this:
J: What should I make for the week?
A: Roast a chicken!
J: But I just did that last week.
A: It’s delicious, and it lasts several nights.  And I can eat it forever and never get sick of it.
Unlike me, however, he does not enjoy eating (or cooking) the same thing again and again.  Recently, however, he found a recipe in Bon Appetit for a roasted tandoori chicken. The perfect solution.

{roasted chicken}

{tandoori chicken and broccoli}

Food shopping up here has been a bit of a struggle.  Part of the reason, I think, is that we haven’t had the time to really research.  Back in Brooklyn, Jordan belonged to a food coop and this is what he still mourns.  Local produce, cheap.  Up here we have large chain supermarkets and the selection is not impressive.  Ironic, since we are surrounded by the very farms which stocked the food coop in Brooklyn!  But the local farm markets that we have been to up here are often small and not great.  I researched farm shares, but the pick-up times did not work with our commuting schedule.  Finally, FINALLY, we found a local farm that sells meat and produce 7 days a week.  Excellent.  And with sausage from said farm, J whipped up a stew (recipe from http://www.food52.com).


{sausage and lentil stew}

Christmas is around the corner, which means some long weekends and lots of cooking.  Woo hoo!